Never ask: Could You Have Done More?

How to Protect VIPs in Healthcare Facilities


Presented by:
Dr. Michelle White
EVP Home Health
Over 30+ Years Experience

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Take Care of Your Team and Everything Else Follows!

Recently home health care worker Douglas Brant was murdered while on the job in Spokane, Washington. Tragedies like this occur nationwide and send shockwaves through our healthcare workforce. Have you prepared your team to address such situations? Plan to attend.


Home care professionals provide a wide range of services in increasingly complex environments. Mental and physical stress is a contributing factor to high turnover rates. This presentation will discuss the importance of safety training and how technology can connect your employees with trained professionals, helping them navigate vulnerable situations before, during, and after they might occur.


    • Home Care Safety Risks
    • Updates on Workplace Violence Legislation and what you need to do to prepare
    • OSHA Duty of Care Requirements
    • Lone Worker Safety Best Practices
    • Importance of Caring for Your Employees
    • Boost Morale, Increase Retention
    • Exit Interviews and High Cost of Turnover
    • Transformative Technology that helps before, during and after an event occurs
    • Not only for 911
    • Virtual Escorts and EVV
    • Data-driven analytics – ROI

KATANA SAFETY offers a comprehensive way to address the duty of care obligations and validate a Healthcare organization’s commitment to the safety and well-being of its people. With our easy-to-use solution, you can transform from a company with thousands of unique risks to a proactive, pre-emptive and empathetic mitigator of risk. Not addressing the risks to these employees could be a ticking time bomb for industry-based workplace safety and OSHA compliance.


    • Home Care Professionals
    • Hospice Care Workers
    • Human Resource Managers
    • Home Care Directors, CFO’s, CEO’s
    • Anybody responsible for the safety of lone workers
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