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Why Katana?

“Our aide was working in a patient’s home with a family member who had just committed a very serious, dangerous crime. We learned later he was a habitual felon.”
– KATANA Safety Partner


Minimal investment in safety
produces a major ROI 

The in-home care industry continues to struggle with high turnover rates and burnout rates among caregivers. The verbal and physical abuse caregivers experience on the job is compounding these issues. KATANA Safety can help keep your employees safer and while improving your bottom line.

  • Improves workforce morale.
  • Reduces employee turnover rate.
  • Retain experienced employees.
  • Expand Service hours and market opportunities.
  • 24/7 safety protocol is Simple, Easy Cost effective to deploy.
  • Mitigates legal risk – Meets Osha’s Duty of Care Requirements

Industries We Work With

Home Health Care Safety

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The dangers for nurses and home health care professionals come in many forms: unsafe neighborhoods, midnight calls for urgernt care, and high-strung friends and family of the ailing patient. For homecare nurses venturing into unfamiliar homes daily, thse risks are real.

Social Work Safety

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Unfortunately, too many social workers have been the targets of verbal and physical assaults and some have even tragically lost their lives while performing their job responsibilities. Social Workers are often engaging in risky situations without proper safety training or technology. KATANA Safety can help!

Government & Child Social Services Safety

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High staff turnover related to safety risks associated with job puts child welfare system in crisis. KATANA Safety can help improve morale, reduce turnover, and keep employees safer.




80% of Emergency Medical Services personnel have been attacked by patients.



Among nursing homes with dementia units, 59% of nursing aides reported being assaulted by patients weekly and 16% daily.


The annual incidence of physical assault in a psychiatric setting is 70%.


OSHA States that 48% more assaults occur in the healthcare and social services industries than any other.


15% of social workers have been physically assaulted by clients in 2019 with 30% experiencing this at some point in their career.

OSHA’s General Duty Clause, Section 5(a)(1), requires employers to provide their workers with a workplace free from recognized hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm. Between 2011 and 2013, workplace assaults ranged from 23,540 and 25,630 annually, with 70 to 74% occurring in healthcare and social service settings.

Our Enterprise Employee Safety Solution Includes:

• Safety Compliance Reporting

• Corporate Administration User Portal

• Customized Dashboard

• Multi User/Transferrable Licenses

• Dedicated Training

• Dedicated Customer Support

KATANA Safety Features for

Healthcare Workers

Patented Personal Safety Device

  • Instantly unlock your phone to send alert with the flick of the trigger
  • Piercing Siren or Silent Alert
  • Creates a record for review by organization
  • Attaches directly to smartphone so it’s always with you and easily accessible

24/7 Response Center

  • Notifies your organization immediately
  • GPS locator
  • Emergency Dispatch

Enterprise Dashboard

  • View live alerts with GPS location per user
  • Compliance reporting and records
  • Quarterly data trends and analysis
  • Customizable

Did You Know?

Healthcare and social service workers face an increased risk of work-related assaults resulting primarily from violent behavior of their patients, clients and/or residents. 

Patient, Client and Setting-Related Risk Factors: 

Working directly with people who have a history of violence, abuse drugs or alcohol, gang members, and relatives of patients or clients

Working alone in a facility or in patients’ home

Lack of means of emergency communication

Prevalence of firearms, knives and other weapons among patients and their families and friends

Working in neighborhoods with high crime rates

US Companies spend more than $300 Billion annually on legal fees, investigations and lost wages stemming from incidents of workplace violence, theft, injury and misconduct. Risk prevention yields a far greater ROI than responding to an incident after the fact.

KATANA Safety is an easy-to-use platform that powers enterprises to help mitigate risks and create a “return on prevention” by surfacing actionable people-sourced safety and security intelligence, on some of the most critical types of risks facing organizations today.

We provide innovative technology to mitigate risk, reduce liability, and assist with OSHA’s Lone Worker Duty of Care Requirements.

House Passes Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Services Act

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If you are interested in learning how KATANA Safety can benefit your business and provide your employees peace of mind, please reach out by completing the form below or calling one of our representatives at 1-855-KATANA1.