Frequently Asked Questions

Does KATANA Safety work internationally?

As of now, the service we provide has only been tested in the United States as our dispatching technology is tied to US coordinates. We do, however, plan to expand globally in the future.

What are the Measurements- Weight and Size of the KATANA Safety + Wallet?

The KATANA Safety + Wallet is roughly: 2-1/4 w x 3-3/4 h, (7/16″ depth/thickness) and weighs 1.5 oz or 43 grams.

When will my KATANA Circle of Safety receive a message if I trigger an alert?

Your Circle of Safety is one of the three layers of Defense with KATANA Safety. It along with the KATANA Safety + Wallet and the KATANA 24/7 Safety Response Center work to provide a peace of mind that lets you better enjoy your opportunities.

After triggering an alert, the KATANA owner will receive a call from a KATANA Safety Response Center Operator. These professionally trained individuals will attempt to get in touch with the owner to determine your situation and offer assistance. If they are unable to reach you (three call attempts), they WILL dispatch emergency services and notify your circle of safety members. If they are able to reach you and you’re in an emergency, they will ask if you want your circle of safety notified.

Does my KATANA Safety + Wallet Pair through my Bluetooth setting, like other Bluetooth devices?

No. While your Bluetooth setting needs to be set to on, ALL pairing for your KATANA Safety + Wallet happens within the KATANA Safety App.

Follow startup guidelines laid out in the start up guide that comes with the Wallet, search our FAQ’s and videos for re-pairing an existing Wallet or reach out with more specific questions to:

Can my Circle of Safety members speak to the Response Center?

No. The KATANA Safety Response Center can only call the person who sent the alert.

However, if the operator is not able to reach you or you request it, your circle of safety members will be notified of the alert. They will receive a text message and the circle will be joined to each other via a conference call that allows them to discuss best support options with each other.

Does the KATANA Safety Response Center know my location?

Yes, but they will only see it if you trigger an alert.

Does keeping the KATANA App running wear out the battery on my phone?

Apple and Google operating systems have become very efficient at managing individual app battery consumption, plus our app was designed and optimized to only use your battery when we need it…during an alert only.

How do I check the status of and/or manually repair my Safety + Wallet to my App?

Should you become unpaired, in most cases opening your app will automatically repair your Wallet.

To check the status of your pairing and manually repair your Wallet: Open your KATANA Safety App > Click the menu button (the three lines) in the top left of the screen > From the menu drop down, Select “My Devices” > Touch the Wallet listed under My Devices to open > “Bluetooth on” and “Paired” should both have green check marks next to them.

If successful, click “Done” in the Top right corner and then “Home”  from the menu drop down to return to the home screen.

Do the members of my KATANA Circle of Safety need to have a Safety + Wallet or download the app to receive my alerts?

No – the members of your circle of safety do not need to own a Safety + Wallet or download the app. All communication from you to your Circle of Safety is via text message or email. They do not need to app to be in your circle of safety.

How do I choose my KATANA Circle of Safety members?

Choose close friends or family that you trust to help you if you are feeling unsafe. The majority of them should be close to you in proximity but some can be further away if you simply want them to be notified.

Please use the red Support Button at the bottom of the screen or contact us via email at or phone at 1-855-KATANA1 if you have any other questions.